House of Modern Living is in the business of providing corporate and leisure accommodation solutions in the form of our premier serviced apartments. Our modern apartments are located in central areas of cities around the world – and our portfolio is only continuing to expand.

Since our inception in 2008, House of Modern Living’s mission has been to cater to travellers seeking a high-quality, spacious, functional accommodation solution at a fraction of the price of a four-star hotel room. With these ideals in mind, we began to build our portfolio and our reputation. As word spread to the corporate world, multinational corporations began to take advantage of our superb serviced apartment solutions and we began a new journey – providing apartments customised for the corporate traveller market.

By 2009 we had grown exponentially and brought in experts from leading players in the hospitality industry to assist in designing and creating serviced apartments that ensured an optimum experience for our guests in locations close to the key business and tourist districts.

2010 was a momentous year for House of MoLi, seeing us increase our portfolio significantly to include high-quality, fully-furnished serviced apartments not only in London, but also in world-leading cities such as Paris and New Delhi.

Expansion continued throughout the next years with our London portfolio and also the international destinations we served. From 2011 we re-enforced our service offering with an aggressive Quality Control programme and further additional key people from leading players joining the team.

2013 saw us put in place our exciting, strategic 3 year growth plan and 2014 saw us well established in 8 key locations in London. So far 2015 has been another year of fantastic growth for us where we again have doubled the number of apartments in our portfolio and we have great things planned for the rest of the year.

We also keep a keen eye out for new areas being asked for by our guests and, following our great recent success in Shoreditch, the vibrant heart of many tech start-ups based around the Silicon roundabout, we’re even more on the look-out for the next ‘place to be’. At the same time our expansion of coverage in leading business cities worldwide continues.

We’re extremely excited about the sector and the years ahead and thoroughly enjoying playing our part as a leading player on the London and international scene!

Quite simply, we exist to help our guests by providing the best service, in the best locations, in apartments which we ourselves would want to stay in.

MoLi Serviced Apartment

The central focus of MoLi is our portfolio of sophisticated serviced apartments, which are situated strategically in prime locations throughout London. These apartments are owned and managed to ensure guests receive the very best service and enjoy their stay in this exciting city. Our serviced apartments are catered primarily toward corporate guests travelling from abroad to London’s bustling business districts for professional purposes.

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The MoLi Network

A sharp increase in demand for our exceptional services has led to the creation of an international MoLi network of providers; MoLi is now proud to work with a range of clients across Europe, Asia and America.

Managed Corporate Housing Programs

Recruiting employees and consultants from abroad has become a common occurrence, which has necessitated the creation of a larger corporate housing market that eliminates concern over expensive hotel bills as well as additional expenditure such as meals and laundry facilities. MoLi works with corporations throughout the world in providing a hassle-free housing solution for corporate transferees and visitors.

Our corporate housing section details this part of our business.